The question recently sparked a debate on Twitter.

Dentists say wetting the brush before applying toothpaste is more comfortable

In such a divisive world, even something as innocuous as whether you wet your toothbrush before applying toothpaste can become a polarising issue - as proven by a recent debate on Twitter.

Users of the social media website divided into several factions over the topic: those who stick toothpaste straight onto their dry toothbrushes; those who rinse the brush under the tap beforehand; and those who apply the paste and then wet their brushes.

"Do y'all wet the toothbrush first, or put toothpaste on first?" asked one Twitter user.

"Wet the toothbrush, put toothpaste on , wet that boy again . Then brush . That's law," replied another Twitter user.

"Um no just put the toothpaste on THEN wet the brush smh," said another.

But when everything ends up damp in your mouth anyway, does a sprinkling of water before applying toothpaste really affect the plaque-tackling abilities of a tooth-brushing session?

No, British Dental Association, scientific adviser, Professor Damien Walmsley told IBTimes UK.

"A dry brush will increase friction with the bristles while a wet toothbrush adds moisture and for most people, makes the experience more pleasant," he said.

"Whatever your preference, what's essential is that teeth should be brushed twice a day for at least two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste, including last thing at night."

Dr Lisa Creaven of Spotlight Whitening also recommended wetting the toothbrush with warm water prior to brushing for a smoother brushing experience.

She told IBTimes UK: "Although toothpaste contains water that will naturally foam the paste, lubricating the brush prior can make the brushing experience that bit more comfortable.

"There is no right or wrong but again the more comfortable it is, the longer you are likely to brush for and that is what's important."

What is key, however, is not rinsing the mouth immediately after brushing, according to the NHS. Instead, simply spit out excess toothpaste.

Rinsing straight away "will wash away the concentrated fluoride in the remaining toothpaste, thus diluting it and reducing its preventative effects."

THERE was apprehension in Ilobu community of Irepodun local government area of Osun on Friday, following the shocking discovery of a ritualist den by the Police, where suspected shallow graves of victims, dungeon and shrines were located.

Tribune Online authoritatively gathered that the Police authorities were able to discover the ritualists’ den following a tip-off from members of the public. As of the time of filing this report, two brothers of the same parent have been arrested by the Police, while their kingpin had already escaped.

Osun State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fimihan Adeoye who led the contingent of security agents to the location confirmed to our correspondent that concerted efforts were ongoing to apprehend the fleeing kingpin and others involved in the nefarious acts, with a view to bringing them to book.

The ritualists’ den is located around Molete area of the community, spreading across a building, which accommodates many shrines and several adjoining houses, being used by the suspected ritualists for their deadly operations.

Addressing journalists at the scene of the crime, Adeoye said, “we acted on a reliable tip-off which led to the arrest two brothers of same parents, while their kingpin and leader is still at large.”

Findings indicated that there is a dungeon with the path, which connects shrines together, coupled with several statues and a sizable number of alcoholic bottles scattered around the shrines, while shallow graves dug by the suspects for their victims were also spotted, but the Police explained that investigation was still on over the ritualists’ den.

Speaking to journalists, some residents of Molete area, Ilobu, who pleaded anonymity said the discovery would allay their fears over the activities in the area.

Despite criticisms of the popular BBNaija reality show, a media aide of President Buhari has distance herself from the show. 

Lauretta Onochie

The Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie has reacted to comments over the reality show, Big Brother Naija 2018.

Onochie said the government had no power to move against immoralities in the show as it was an adult programme. According to her, the show was not compulsory to watch.

She disclosed this on her Twitter page

Onochie wrote “Stop asking me to fix Big Brother Naija. I Don’t have such powers.

“Big Brother is an adult programme. If your children are watching it, it’s your fault, not mine.

“Grow up & protect your children. It’s not also compulsory to watch. Use your remote control and change the channeI.”

Man who walked 11 miles to work every day gets big surprise from colleagues

21-year-old single dad, Trenton Lewis had been walking 11 miles daily to get to his 4 a.m. shift for 7 months before he got a big surprise from his co-workers.

Trenton Lewis had also suffered leg pain as a result of the daily pre-dawn walks to get to work. Yet he told no one of his sufferings as he walked diligently for 7 long months to provide for his 14-month-old daughter, Karmen.

“My pride is strong,” Trenton Lewis told CNN. “Whatever she needs, I’m the person who is supposed to provide it for her.”

But his co-workers at a UPS facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, found out. And last week, they decided to turn his life around. They asked Lewis to come to a brief union meeting. When he showed up, disbelief was clearly written all over his face and he wore a grateful smile as his coworkers handed him keys to a new car.

“I was emotionally moved. My heart just fell,” Lewis recalled.

His colleagues found out he had been trekking when a staff, who seems to know and see all, got curious and began paying attention to him. Patricia “Mama Pat” Bryant, who Lewis says is like a second mum, got upset with Lewis when she found out he walks to work. Bryant who has put in almost 40 years at UPS together with her husband, Kenneth, then shared Lewis’ story with her fellow workers and took up a collection to buy their determined colleague a car.

Kenneth Bryant said: “For a young person to decide in their mind ‘if I don’t have a ride, if I can’t get a ride then I’ll walk’. If a guy can do that, we can pitch in to help.”

The group soon raised almost $2,000 with which they bought a 2006 Saturn Ion. Lewis’ first ride in the car was to pick up his daughter for a bite to eat.

Just days after actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde told youths to stop buying data just to troll celebrities online but rather better themselves, a follower of singer, Paul Okoye AKA Mr P didn’t heed to Omotola’s advice as he came for the singer in the comment section of one of his posts.

Well, the quite interesting thing is that the singer gave him quite an epic clap back – in the comment section of a photo the singer shared on his page, a follower of his pointed that he should cultivate the habit of buying quality wears instead of being stingy to himself.

Mr P had just the response for him… See below:

Since bursting onto the scene in 2016 with her single "Pay Attention", Burna Boy's sister, Nissi has been paving her way in the music industry, showing us that they are a family of musical talent. 

On "PH City Vibration", Burna Boy said his 'sister Nissi na Port Harcourt girl original', and now we've been given more insight with her latest track, "Familiar".

Marvel Studios, “Black Panther”, has stirred an invigorating feeling of progress for African movie fans all over the world and a sense of pride that Hollywood has finally bridged a divide.

Black Panther stars an almost entirely black cast and a is directed by a young African-American director, Ryan Coogler, the film has already won rave reviews for its stereotype busting portrayal of Africa. After all the hype, select audiences in African countries have got a sneak preview of the new blockbuster and many agree it’s an important moment in popular culture.

“As I was watching the movie with friends, I remember we all felt part of history. This is beyond a movie. This is huge,” said Brian Barasa, a 29-year-old Kenyan who says he has loved comic books for as long as he can remember. Set in the fictional African country of Wakanda, the film’s focus on black protagonists, stories and culture sets it in a different category from other superhero’s, thus far.

Barasa, who co-founded the Nairobi Comic Convention in 2014 points out that T’Challa, the hero king of Wakanda played by Chadwick Boseman, is not the first black superhero to hit the big screen.

“Blade” played by Wesley Snipes a vampire with human traits in the trilogy between 1998 and 2004 started the trend. “But Blade was American,” said Barasa. “In a conversation I had recently, somebody pointed out, ‘Blade had to walk in order for Black Panther to run’,” he noted.

“Black Panther” has inspired enthusiastic reviews from critics in Kenya and Nigeria that are often used to stereotypical representations of black characters on screen.

Fans also commended the film’s visual direction, the duplication of costumes from the original comic and the characters’ accents.

“Usually in Hollywood, you’re just African. They will use a Nigerian actor with a Nigerian accent to play a Kenyan character or vice versa,” said Sope Aluko, one of five Nigerians in the film, at the Lagos premiere in Nigeria this week.
“We knew that we had a responsibility towards Africa and the black community in general while shooting this movie,” she added. “But I didn’t expect anything like this, all this enthusiasm coming from the black community.”

The film looks set to break some box office records. But for some, the potential cultural impact could be its most important achievement.

“It’s a very important statement to the world that Marvel Studio can have a movie entirely based on African characters,” said Kenyan actor Moses Odua at the African premiere in Kisumu, a town in the west of the country.

“That is so nice, it’s going to turn away some of the stereotypes we have on Africans.”

In the film, Wakanda is a complete reverse of the portrayal of African countries on the big screen. A country that has skilfully developed its mineral wealth to become the most developed and technologically advanced country in the world. At the same time, Wakanda shares in real African values of community and spirit.

“I like the Afro-future description of the continent and the mix of modern and tradition. They show regular Africans working with technology,” said Chiko Esire, 32, in Lagos. Others took pride in the purely commercial aspect of “Black Panther”, which has already beaten “The Hunger Games” and “Beauty and the Beast” in pre-sales in the United States.

“I’m not a movie fanatic, I only watch maybe three or four movies a year,” said 27-year-old James Odede, who runs an IT firm. “But I am excited about this one because it tries to illustrate that a movie that is predominantly black-cast can still sell and do well.”

Kenya film-maker Jinna Mutune, 29, believes the film has achieved its aim of showing African culture in a positive light but that more black-focused movies need to be produced. “(It) is definitely filling a huge gap,” she said, but added: “We need more and more and more ‘Black Panthers’.”

Nollywood actress and film producer, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, revealed in a new interview that her husband, Prince Odi Okojie doesn’t watch her movies.
The Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture to Kogi State Governor in the interview also told SUN she has stopped accepting romantic roles because her husband does not like it.
She said;
“My husband doesn’t watch my movies. But I think he has heard about the clown I am in movies (laughter). Nevertheless, I adore him for being my backbone and supporter of my career.
For the past eight years of our relationship, I haven’t featured in romantic roles. This is because he doesn’t like it and I can’t do it for all the money in the world.”

The specialised chamber for international crimes at the High Court in Kigali on Thursday sentenced a Nigerian woman to six years in prison for drug trafficking.

Priscilla Duru was arrested at Kigali International Airport in October 2016 as she tried to smuggle1.3 kilograms of heroin through Kigali en route to Nigeria.

During the hearings, she denied the charges arguing that she was given the bag by a Tanzanian woman and didn’t know the contents of the bag.

Reading the verdict, the presiding judge Alice Rulisa said that the court had established that Duru entered the country to wait for another person to give her the narcotics from Tanzania so that she could transport it to Nigeria.

The High Court ruled that the suspect was well aware of the contraband, waited for over a month in Rwanda before the bag containing the drugs was brought to her.

Duru, who was in tears during the reading of the verdict, had previously begged for clemency adding that if she knew that she had been given drugs, she would have alerted the police before leaving Kigali as she indicated that she only came in Kigali after she was asked by a “family friend” who owns a pharmacy in Nigeria to carry for him a bag with a certain medicine called Ephedrine.

She claimed that she had approached him for help because she needed to cater for her children after losing her husband.

Court ruled that she will have to serve six years in Muhanga Prison, and pay two million Rwandan francs in fines.

Good evening Readers, I have no idea how to go about making this as clear as possible, but truth is I married a stranger.
I met this Lady in 2012,we became friendly, and talked on consistently. At the time she was on NYSC in Ikom cross River State. By the way she is from Obosi in Anambra state.
She was visiting me in Lagos every week, of course I paid for her flight tickets back and forth for all the times she visited till we got married and beyond. I have never let her use the bus or public transport to anywhere, it’s either I drive her, she drives or a taxi.
A few months to her passing out, she told me she was pregnant, so I thought I would marry her and cut the drama short, but that was my undoing. We got married, but all through, she spent more time with her parents and siblings.
Fast forward to 2016,my wife got a job through my sister in Abuja, and everything got worse, she wouldn’t get back home till very late everyday.
Her explanation was that her boss delayed her.
I got to find out she was dating her boss later, even caught her at hotels in ikeja G. R,.A and on the island with her boss at very odd hours of the night.
Don’t get me wrong, I am okay, I live in a 5 bedroom duplex in ikeja, the house is very comfortable and cosy, and almost completing my personal building at awoyaya in ibeju. i am not a poor man.
Well, she gave birth to my first child a boy, but insisted on C. S, then my daughter, through C. S too. All were elective!
She wouldn’t come back home,and spent more time at her parents than in our home, always saying she needs her Mum to watch the kids,while she is out, we got maids, but she was so violent with them, they all left.
Fast forward to 2017,i asked my wife to come back home, she refused, well I told her the marriage wouldn’t work anymore,as she wasnt living with me for the past two years.
She immediately went and petitioned me at office of the Public defender in Lagos State citing domestic violence, irresponsibility as to my kids and stuff, I have always provided food, toiletries, medicals,as well as pay my children’s school fees till this minute.
But she teamed up with her Mum and brother to make up so many fabrications because they demanded I pay a stipend to them every month, and I said no, I won’t do that, your daughter, my wife is in your house cos she wants to be there, not because I sent her away or anything like that.
Her father is the only person who is sane, but the man is a pensioner and can’t help himself much, so she treats him with intimidation She reported me to the police and all agencies you can think of, well at last they conducted their investigations and found out she was telling lies.
I am no more interested in keeping her, and she has vowed that I can’t divorce her or I die, but my kids are the issue now.
I need sound advice on how to go about this.
Please no mockery, I am in dire need of good advice. Thanks.

A Nigerian guy has caused a frenzy online after photos of him posting with a supposed sex doll in a wedding dress emerged online.

There have been different reactions trailing his pictures with his Mannequin which he labeled a ‘sex doll’ dressed in a wedding garment – reports have it that the said gentleman “married” his sex doll in Lagos, with the poster urging no one to put them asunder.

See People Reaction Below!

One Hypeman Ifeanyi on Twitter has narrated how a taxi driver died in Port Harcourt. According to him, the driver didn;t die a natural death but was shot dead by a trigger happy policeman.

Ifeanyi wrote ''When Security Operatives meant to protect life & property becomes the ones taking it!!! A taxi driver shot dead in Port Harcourt by a trigger happy police man''. More photos below...

A report currently trending online is that of a 100 level Landmark University student, who took turning down wooing to the next level!
According to the reports on social media, the 100 level student, who’s apparently still a fresher and is yet to see any academic results, decided to be creative with how she turned down a relationship offer from her wooer, a 300 level student of the school.

The lady literally baked her reply on a cake and everyone can’t keep calm after seeing it – it’s said that the gentleman was laughed to scorn by his hostel mates after they saw her reply…

Kano Pillars defender Chinedu Udoji has sadly passed away. He lost his life following an auto accident in Kano on Sunday night.
Udoji was on his way back to the Kano Pillars club house after he visited his former Enyimba teammates at their hotel when the incident happened.
“Chinedu Udoji was involved in a car accident yesterday after visiting his former team mates at Enyimba. This tragic accident happened along Club Road in Kano.
“Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, fans, and football lovers all across the country,” Kano Pillars stated on the Twitter account on Monday morning.
Pillars were held to a 1-1 by Enyimba in their NPFL match day nine clash at the Sani Abacha Stadium on Sunday.
The centre-back, 28, joined Pillars last season after spending seven years with Enyimba following his arrival from FC Abuja.
He was linked with a return to Enyimba, where he was captain, this season but opted to remain with Sai Masu Gida.

The Catholic Church has announced its return to the Christian Association of Nigeria after about five years of dissociating itself from the body.

The return process was concluded on Thursday and Friday in Abuja when a delegation of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, led by  Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Cornelius Omonokhua, attended the expanded National Executive Committee and quarterly meeting of CAN for the amendment of its constitution.

The CSN delegation participated in the two-day meeting.

The President of CAN, Dr Samson Ayokunle, according to a statement issued on Sunday by his Special Assistant, Media & Communications, Adebayo Oladeji, could not hide his happiness on the new development.

Ayokunle was quoted as saying, “Their return is one of the best things that have happened since I was given the mandate to become the President of CAN. One of my visions for CAN is to bring our Catholic brothers and sisters back to the fold and I must acknowledge the support and understanding of my brother in Christ, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, the president of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria and his team.

“I give kudos to all the principal officers, the directors and some Christian leaders in the country for their support and understanding while the dialogue lasted. My joy knows no bound with the presence of the CSN at the constitutional amendment meeting of CAN held on Thursday and at the NEC meeting on Friday. It is our prayers that the body of Christ in the country will remain one forever in Jesus’ name.

“At a time like this when Christians are almost becoming endangered species in Nigeria, when churches are being denied Certificates of Occupancy, especially in the core North, when Christians are being denied key public offices and when the Church is expected to speak for the voiceless, especially over the economic and social hardship in our country, we cannot afford to be at war with ourselves.”

Former First Lady Patience Jonathan’s bid to settle out of court the brewing dispute over the strange payment of $11,489,069.03 into her domiciliary accounts has been rejected.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has  asked the ex-First Lady to come before a court by entering into a plea bargain in line with the laws of the land.

The agency said it would only accept a plea bargain in which the court is carried along.

Also, EFCC detectives have not been able to trace about 29 of the 31 individuals and companies which made the controversial deposits.

The development has fuelled speculations that some of the depositors are “fictitious”.

Some of the shops where the ex-First Lady visited are said to have offered to give details of how much was spent and the items bought.

The EFCC believes that an out-of-court settlement suggests that there is a dispute between two parties.

A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “We have considered the January 30, 2018 letter by Dame (Mrs.) Ibifaka Patience Jonathan; we are of the opinion that  her  offer of out-of-court settlement is strange and confounding as if there is a dispute between her and the EFCC.

“We are certainly rejecting the offer from the ex-First Lady because the EFCC does not engage in such a deal.

“But we prefer the ex-First Lady approaching a court for plea bargain in line with the relevant laws if she is ready to settle all issues. The terms of the plea bargain will be open to all parties before the court.

“I think she should emulate other high profile suspects who went to the court for plea bargain. We are ready to apply the laws in the interest of justice for all. We won’t oppose plea bargain.”

The source said the EFCC would soon make its position known to Mrs Jonathan counsel. “As an officer in the Temple of Justice, we know that the respected Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN) will guide the ex-First Lady accordingly,” he said.

The Nation

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has hailed the huge investments by Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson at ensuring quality healthcare delivery, saying the state will soon turn into a medical tourism hub.

Obasanjo, who spoke  when a command performance was held in his honour at the Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha Memorial Banquet Hall, Government House, Yenagoa, said he would henceforth visit the state regularly to have his medical check-ups.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Bayelsa State Governor, Mr. Francis Ottah Agbo, said the former president during his three-day visit to Bayelsa State, commissioned several legacy projects, including the World-Class Diagnostic Centre, Bayelsa State Specialist Hospital, the Bayelsa State Drug Distribution  Centre in Yenagoa and the Aquaculture Village in Igbogene.

He also interacted with students of the flagship free Model Boarding School, Ijaw National Academy, Kaima as well as enrolling in the state Health Insurance Scheme, thereby becoming honorary enrollee of the scheme.

Nigerian record producer, Don Jazzy just shared a very hilarious conversation he had with a female fan who begged him for money.
Inspired by the recent ‘strange snake’ that swallowed 36million naira at JAMB office, Don Jazzy simply told the fan that ‘I’m sorry no money ma, a strange snake has swallowed it’.
See the chat below!

Upcoming comedian, Baba De Baba, with the Facebook handle, Chidi Uzoma, in a bid to trend, wrote on Facebook, to share the kind of lady he can never marry.

According to Chidi, he says he can never ever marry a woman who he cannot beat up, if she one way or the other goes against his rules.
He wrote; “I can’t use money to marry a woman I can’t beat, especially now that ladies don’t want to cook again and they want to be flirting”
We know it’s all for a bid to trend, but then, statement like this, Chidi, harms your career..
A lot of Nigerians has reacted to his post, and some wished his sisters what he wished for other ladies.
See Screenshot below!!!

Nollywood actress and Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture to Kogi State governor, Mercy Johnson Okojie, has revealed why she stopped playing romantic roles in Movies.
The mother of three said she stopped accepting the roles because her husband does not like it.
The Star actress told the Sun, that due to her husband’s dislike for such roles, she cannot accept it even for all the money in the world.
She said, ”My husband doesn’t watch my movies. But I think he has heard about the clown I am in movies (laughter). Nevertheless, I adore him for being my backbone and supporter of my career.
”Though, for the past eight years of our relationship, I haven’t featured in romantic roles. This is because he doesn’t like it and I can’t do it for all the money in the world.”

Bishop David Oyedepo, in a video released by the Winners Chapel London has said in a message “The secrets of prosperity”, that it is an insult for people to say he is worth 150million dollars.
The leader of Winner Chapel said he is worth more than that, quoting Philipians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” as as thus 150 million dollars is too small..
Recall Forbes named Oyedepo the Richest pastor in the world with a networth of $150 million.. Forbes is quoted to have said:
Coming in as a supposed host of the Holy Ghost with the most, Bishop David Oyedepo heads the single largest church in the world, Winners’ Chapel, which seats 50,000. As one of the main founders of the Nigerian Christian Charismatic movement, he also exerts control over churches in 45 African nations, as well as several in Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Having been mentored by Adeboye, it is quite clear he took the formula of church expansion up a notch. Alongside churches, there has also been active outreach within his native continent where his ministry has aided in the development of hospitals, schools and maternity homes.
As to be expected with such successes, two of his sons are following in his footsteps by heading up both the London and South African Winners’ Chapel divisions.
Watch the FULL video below, where he said he is worth more than $150 million:
Video Player

The police in Mushin, Lagos State have raided the hideouts of suspected criminals in Akala area leading to the seizure of bails of Indian hemp hidden in Bibles, fruits and bags valued at N80million.

During the raid carried out by a combined team of the Divisional Police Officers of Mushin Area Command, several shanties allegedly used as hideouts by criminals were destroyed.

A source told Sunday Vanguard that the Area Commander, Area D, Mushin, ACP Akinbayo Olasoji, led the DPOs under his jurisdiction for the operation. The source added that investigation was ongoing to unravel those behind the Indian hemp.

Comedian Koffi and wife have just welcomed a bouncing baby. Though the comedian refused to disclose the sex of his child, the excited father however composed a sweet poem for his child.

    No words can express this feeling.
    Baby all wrapped up.

    Daddy all charged up.
    Maami, chill I gat’chu.

    Don’t care how late am’o stay up.
    Nursing father duties just to pay up.
    For the 9ine and pain you bore, way up!
    Life is beautiful y’all, wake up!

Veteran Nollywood actress, Stephnora Okeke, has refused to be called a contemporary of Omotola Jelade and Genevieve Nnaji.

Nora who started acting in the 90s after her NYSC program in 1995 was a household name in the early 2000s. She does not just boast of her beauty alone but she has a multi talent to complement that.
She came into limelight in the 90s after starring in Kenneth Nebu movie ‘blood of the orphan’, she has went on to star in many movies and TV series.
When asked in an interview that many say that her contemporaries are Omotola and Genevieve, Steph snapped in quickly saying
“I had already cut my teeth in the industry way before they came in. but while in the industry we did some jobs together. I started acting with the likes of Sandra Achums, Eucharia Anunobi, Liz Benson, Alex Lopez and Susan Patrick and a host of others.”
Although the likes of Genevieve and Omotola has gone miles of step ahead of her in terms of fame and achievement.
Steph Nora is still single after her relationship with fellow Nollywood actor Jim Iyke collapsed.

Few weeks ago, reports hit the net that billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy is in a serious relationship with Davido’s manager and businessman, Asa Asika.
Asike, hours ago, took to social media platform, Twitter to give a motivational tweet, where he wrote,
Make sure whoever you got, got you!
DJ Cuppy replied;
I Got You Bae

This obviously proves that there’s something going on between the pair and if indeed it’s romantic, we can’t but wish them the very best then…
Asa Asika who is also the brother-in-law of Nigerian rapper, Naeto C, is the owner of the popular shisha joint located on the Island.
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